Our Mission, Vision and Values

RESPONSIBILITY for the trust we have received from our past, RESPONSIBILITY for the values ​​we have, and being open to INNOVATIONS for a better future; Black Green AS is the most basic values ​​that make us we. Reviews RESPECT: Value, supremacy, old age, usefulness, sacredness, respect for someone, something that is careful, attentive, prudent love, which is causing respect, respect, is trust. We act with the awareness that the most important value of humanity is RESPECT, especially we respect the differences. Reviews RESPONSIBILITY: RESPONSIBILITY is the responsibility of the individual or the organization to take its own actions or the consequences of any incident within its jurisdiction. With this awareness; We act with the feelings of RESPONSIBILITY against our national and spiritual values, our future, the environment we live in and all humanity. Reviews OPEN TO INNOVATIONS: By integrating the old and the new without compromising our values ​​and principles, we are constantly improving ourselves by renewing ourselves and our technology according to the conditions of the day.

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